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Bethany L. Humphrey

Name : Bethany L. Humphrey
Experience : 13
Specialty : Occupational Health,Ambulance Transportation,Skilled Nursing Facility,
Location : SaintPetersburg,FL
Description :

Bethany Humprey is an entry-level medical claims and billing specialist with strong background in customer service. Bethany is a highly efficient individual who wishes to obtain a fulfilling role in medical billing and coding where he can utilize his aquired skills and expertise.


  • CMS-1500/CMS-1450 (UB-04) claims forms
  • Medicaid/Medicare/TRICARE
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • MedLook medical billing software
  • CPT/ICD-9 codes
  • ICD-9-CM coding manual
  • HMOs/PPOs/other health plans
  • Medical terminology
  • Human anatomy/physiology
  • Professional conduct (HIPAA, Joint Commission standards)
  • Medical ethics
  • Electronic claims submission (clearinghouse)
  • Medical billing clearinghouse
  • Working with healthcare providers
  • Disability insurance
  • Managing patient/client accounts
  • Electronic health records (EHR)


  • Proficient in using the advanced search techniques of major Internet search engines to find instructional videos and web resources for classroom use. Create presentations and learning materials using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher.


  • Skilled at remaining calm and friendly in a fast paced work environment and remembering details and next tasks that are continuously being presented. Produce satisfying results for customers under extreme time constraints.

Acquired over five years’ experience preparing nonthreatening written correspondence notifying parents of sensitive issues. Encouraged feedback to empower students to think on their own. Observed student interns; provided appropriate feedback and presented training options to school administrators and teachers. Prepared minutes to monthly faculty meetings clearly documenting statement of issues and related responses for administrative personnel.


  • Barista
  • Assistant Professor of Education/Director of Interns
  • Elementary Classroom Teacher

Course Graduate, Medical Claims and Billing
Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

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