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Standards of Ethical Medical Coding: Part 2

Coding is one of the core functions of healthcare providers and, due to the complex regulatory requirements impinging upon the health information coding process; the coding professionals are frequently faced with ethical challenges. There are stringent medical Billing guidelines in … Continue reading

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Medicare learning network Updates Medicare Claim Submission Guidelines

Center of Medicare and Medicaid services has released fact sheet on Medicare claim submission guidelines. The fact sheet offers billers, coders and physicians up-to-date guidance on how to file Medicare Claims. Following are some important points mentioned in the fact … Continue reading

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Salary survey 2011 for coders

Salary survey for coders is out for year 2011. The survey is carried out amongst 12,000 respondents; the survey clearly shows an upward trend in average salaries for coders. The survey has also brought out some key trends in coders … Continue reading

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Physicians see value in handling Claim Denials in a Better Way

Appealing denied claims is one of the important steps in enhancing the revenue of physicians and this fact is supported by a report by the U.S Government Accountability office (GAO). The report released on March 16, 2011 states that – … Continue reading

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Tax Exemptions for Physicians in Underserved Areas

The tax exemptions for physicians serving in underserved areas are no longer limited to a few states and have expanded to the whole nation, according to the IRS. The Affordable Care Act makes provision for professionals who received student loan … Continue reading

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Gearing Up for Inpatient Medical Coding and Reimbursement Challenges

“The prevalence of such demanding challenges is reason enough to push physicians beyond their Medical Billing Management capabilities, which invariably results in compromised medical efficiency. Therefore, physicians – faced with insurmountable challenges of inpatient medical billing management – have either … Continue reading

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What Rules the Roost in Healthcare Organizations: Financial Stability or Patient Care?

“Propensity to be fascinated by both the extremities should scrupulously be avoided, and thought must be given to finding an ideal balance between Financial Stability and Patient Care” Unlike Public or Community Healthcare centers, which are funded and run by … Continue reading

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