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In Retrospection: Revenue Collection Accomplishments in 2011

“While these comprehensive measures are no doubt indispensable to optimizing healthcare overheads and expenditure, physicians’ task to get their bills reimbursed could get even tougher, thereby making sustenance and growth prospects equally competitive. Although they have had, by and large, … Continue reading

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Medical Coding: from ambiguity to certainty

“As we try to analyze the staggering impact of approximated coding and deciphering, the ensuing ICD-10 with over 150,000 codes, the Systematized Nomenclature for Medicine (SNOMED) with over 11 axes for accommodating comprehensive list of codes, and the HIPAA 5010 … Continue reading

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Unbalanced Equilibrium: US States Facing Shortage of Medical Coders in Spite of High Supply

As if hospital shortages of nurses and pharmacists were not enough, the shortage of medical coders has risen to high levels in some areas in the US and physicians need to act fast least they lose millions of dollars in … Continue reading

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Billers and Coders to Gear up for ICD- 10 – Despite Physician Community Pushing the Deadline

ICD-10’s implementation on October 1, 2013, according to AAPC – will alter everything from the way health care providers document services to the way codes are selected, reported, and reimbursed, however it will be coders who will play a vital … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Professional’s Career Prospects Brighten

Growth in Employment of medical record and health information technicians is expected to accelerate much faster than the average field according to the United States Bureau of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported health information technicians are one of … Continue reading

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Hospital billing and the ghost of imminent Medicare-cut impact

As Hospitals, which hitherto could evade the backlash of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) fix, face at an imminent 27.4% reduction to their Medicare fees starting this January unless the Federal Government decides otherwise. Although slightly lower than the initially … Continue reading

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Is Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Model Viable?

“Given the situation, although Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model of medical care seems a safer option, yet the initial clinical & operational realignments and adhering to CMS compliance measures may seem a bit exhausting for physicians. But, sooner or later, … Continue reading

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