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Addressing Challenges in Medical Billing for Chronic Patients

“As physicians deliberate on the efficacy of outsourcing medical billing companies services for chronic disease management services, they also need to be mindful of the credibility of their prospective service providers. In a medical billing environment, characterized by heterogeneous players, … Continue reading

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The nexus between workload induced stress and diminishing revenue in hospitals

‘As if the accountability is not enough, they will also content with diminishing patient inflow and revenue generation. The sum of total of these two reactions would eventually tell on hospitals ability to sustain and grow amidst a highly competitive … Continue reading

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Hosted EHR model as a viable alternative to in-house EHRs

“As the application service provider (ASP) hosting model increasingly becomes popular amongst lone-standing and small clinical practices, EHRs hardware manufacturers have begun to offer EHRs platforms that are quite capable of hosting multiple clients at the same time without the … Continue reading

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Job Outlook for Medical Billers & Coders Looking Optimistic in Idaho, Florida & other US states

Various factors playing a role in altering the salary of a medical biller and coder including work experience, geographic location and type of employer, the job outlook for medical billers and coders in Idaho is very optimistic according to the … Continue reading

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Providers preparing for 5010 Enforcement–Medical Billers and Coders need of the hour

Already halfway through the HIPAA Version 5010 noncompliance grace period and in this scenario it is imperative for doctors who still haven’t to utilize the remaining few days to upgrade to 5010, as non compliance of submitting electronic claims in … Continue reading

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Medical Billers & Coders Demand Spiked as US Healthcare Adds about 31,000 Jobs in January

Remaining resistant to the pressures of the economy, the healthcare sector has long been lauded as a recession-proof sector, including jobs involving no direct patient care – one of them being medical billing and coding. According to the U.S. Bureau … Continue reading

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The Significance of HIT to Small Practices’ Clinical and Operational Excellence

“As HIT systems provide timely access to patient information and encourage collaborative exchange of health information with  other providers, patients, and insurers, small practices can look to benefit in terms of effective and  efficient medical care delivery,  optimized operational expenditure, … Continue reading

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