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A case of seasoned physiciansā€™ affinity to EMRS

As seasoned physicians clinical schedule becomes more intense and time-consuming, EMRS may well become indispensable to complementing clinical, operational and medical billing Revenue Cycle Management Cycle (RCM).Ā  Because of this necessity and the ability to afford EMRS related expenditure, mature … Continue reading

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Upsurge in Migration to EHRS; Opportunities and Challenges

While this rapid transformation means ample business opportunities for competent technology providers, some of whom are already introducing second generation technology platforms; there also lies a challenge in aligning and customizing EHR platforms in congruence with individualistic needs of diverse … Continue reading

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Private practices withstanding healthcare reforms: Revenue Management

Private practices are facing many challenges and gone are the days when physicians could easily start their own practice in a small office. The complexities in the form of changing policies, added administrative work and changes in Healthcare IT has … Continue reading

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The Challenges Faced by Primary Care Physicians and Possible Solutions

The shortage of primary care physicians in the United States will soon worsen due to the added pressure on resources because of healthcare policy changes by the government. The rising numbers of elderly people in the country is also putting … Continue reading

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Physician Billing Facing the Biggest Financial Challenges in a Changing Industry

Some populist policies of the Obama government related to healthcare have left hospitals in all the states of the US to deal with more of what they should be doing less, preparing insurance claims and realizing payments. In fact, a … Continue reading

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Exploring Possibilities of Merger Among Hospitals

While people managing healthcare setups have largely been successful in elevating the quality of medical care, the task of orchestrating mergers might seem altogether a different proposition for them ā€“ successful management of mergers require bringing together diverse resources, styles, … Continue reading

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Reimbursement Cuts: Texas Doctors Using Personal Resources

Small private practices struggle to survive, even as Texas Medical Association (TMA) President reported a significant worsening of the practice environment with various physicians using money from their personal reserves or secured bank loans to keep their practices going. According … Continue reading

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