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How crucial are certain adjustments while posting payments?

While it is true that payment posting is merely an exercise of recording the actual claim realized against patient account concerned, in reality its scope extends beyond that.  Far from just being an accounting exercise, payment posting has evolved into … Continue reading

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How aging reports aid in realizing Account Receivables

Notwithstanding the importance of flawless coding in maximizing healthcare insurance reimbursements from insurance carriers, it is the Account Receivable Management (A/R Management) that proves decisive in either making or breaking your chances of mitigating denial or delay of your medical … Continue reading

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Towards Honest Medicare Billing Practices

In an industry characterized by the highest level of professional integrity and honesty, it is strange yet true that health insurance related fraud and abuse have reached alarming heights. While the incidence of fraud and abuse are equally spread across … Continue reading

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The Role of radiology in Hospital Revenue

Radiologists are playing an ever increasing role in hospitals and these deeper involvements are due to numerous factors. The outcomes of such an ever increasing involvement of radiologists in hospitals can bring about positive outcomes not just in the core … Continue reading

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The Impact of Front Desk Executives on Physician Revenue and Billing

The front office desk executive in a physician’s practice has numerous functions to carry out such as understanding the patients’ information related to demographics and finance which is needed for effective billing, the responsibility of communicating the financial policy, and … Continue reading

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The Impact of Staff Turnover on Physician Medical Billing

Staff turnover in any medical practice or hospital can have detrimental repercussions financially as well as qualitatively when it comes to providing healthcare. However, it cannot be denied that staff turnover or attrition would always be present in any practice … Continue reading

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The Role of Medical Billing Consultants in Assisting Physicians

The recent dynamism in the healthcare industry has not just revolutionized the way in which various medical processes are carried out but have also led to an explosive information boom due to new policies, regulations and a complete overhaul in … Continue reading

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