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MBC’s job board for increased job prospects!

MBC has recently launched a job board to lessen the complexity of bringing physicians and coders together, eventually working as an easy-to-use interface between them through the facility on job listing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Consultancy Role in Practices Planning for ICD-10 Conversion

The extent and scope of ICD-10’s clinical and operational impact is such that it is going to influence how functional departments coordinate and operate internally among themselves as well as with external entities such as payers and regulatory bodies. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Medicaid vs. Private Insurance: Providers’ Perspective

Medicaid not only plays a significant role in helping disabled and indigent people in the country but also provides important financial support for long term care patients. However, Medicaid also has a pivotal role to play in crowding-out private players … Continue reading

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Practicing Medicine in Multiple States: Inherent Medical Billing Challenges

Contrary to single-location practices that were the norms during olden days, the recent trend has been the exploring of practice opportunities in multiple locations. It is not strange for a medical practice/clinic/hospital to expand its operations beyond the original location … Continue reading

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Driving Patient Engagement Through Healthcare-Based Social Media

From seemingly innocuous platforms for personal interaction amongst registered community members, social media (comprising Face Book, Twitter, and other interactive sites) has emerged as a powerful channel for marketing. In fact, its business-utility has grown to so much that it … Continue reading

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Averting common operational & legal pitfalls at your medical practice

Medical practice and legal issues have long been inseparable. History is full of examples wherein practices have run into legal hassles, and eventually been penalized with criminal as well civil charges. Barring some strange cases that have been intentional, physicians … Continue reading

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The Growing Shift from Private Practice to Hospital Employment

There seems to be something really interesting as far as the shift from private practice to hospital based employment recently: A consistent 2% annual decline in private practicing by physicians, which is expected to be at 5% annually by 2013 … Continue reading

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