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Medical Billing Partner: A Strategic Avenue for Achieving Revenue Integrity?

Healthcare providers in the current environment are aware of the fact that every step counts, leaving no room for errors as far as securing the revenues and reimbursements are concerned for their services. However, as the procedure of patient billing … Continue reading

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Improved Hospital Billing and Operational Benefits with EHR Adoption

The past decade has seen every major industry being computerized, including the medical industry and hospitals – which have moved on from hand written prescriptions to Electronic health record (EHR). According to various studies EHR implementation provides several benefits including … Continue reading

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New Staffing Roles with New Reforms at Physician Clinics – Getting A Billing Service to Fill in The Gaps!

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, medical practices on one hand need to gear up for an influx of patients, while on the other hand according to a recent survey physician shortage has been intensifying. This shortage along … Continue reading

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Managing Payer Denials, Cuts & Delays at Your Practice with a Medical Billing Service

An increasing cause of worry for almost every doctor in USA is payer denials and delays which invariably result in potential loss of revenue for the physicians. With the introduction of reimbursement cuts in medical bills, physicians and medical practitioners … Continue reading

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ICD-10 codes and its Impact on Denial Management

The transition from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes presents a huge challenge for medical billers and also affects health care delivery system and physicians’ revenues. The staggering number of additional codes makes the learning process complex. Moreover, the scope for … Continue reading

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