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Navigating Through a Multiple Payer Environment – Providers’ Perspective

Healthcare delivery in the United States of America has come a long way from cash-based to insurance-backed. Currently, over 85% of the nation’s residents have health care plans either through employers’ private pools, private companies, the veterans’ health administration, the … Continue reading

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Healthcare Systems Adopt Trend of Outsourcing in the New Era of Value-Based Care

In the time when both, federal and provincial healthcare quality initiatives have come up with healthcare reforms, thus making EHR mandatory in order to avail the incentives under ARRA, the compliance with Medicare Medical Billing norms, demand of documentation under … Continue reading

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How are Physicians Expected to Bill Post Implementation?

Even though ICD 9 and ICD 10 are very similar in many ways including the guidelines, rules and conventions used which consequently brings out similarity in the organization codes as well; ICD 10 is a product of many improvements done … Continue reading

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How Difficult Can Medical Claim Filing and Payment Posting Be?

Hospitals, healthcare organizations and dentists have long been occupied with the issue of medical filing. The process of medical claim filing is overtly complex, requiring paper work, filing and adjudication. Moreover, with the introduction of new reforms in the system … Continue reading

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Managing HIPAA Issues at your medical practices

With the application of HIPAA, (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act), health care organisations need to be cautious with whom to share the patient information. HIPAA calls for protection of the individual’s health information, at the same time; this privacy rule … Continue reading

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