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Small Medical Practices Register Meteoric Rise in EHR Adoption

It seems solo and small medical practices have decided to take the plunge in a big way – recent statistics reveal that small practices have been able to half-bridge the gap with their larger cousins, whose EHR penetration stands at … Continue reading

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It Pays To Be a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Choice of a profession is determined by its stability against job market fluctuation, potential growth and monetary rewards. Medical billing and coding profession seem to be one those few professions that possess all these attributes. While professionals in other spheres … Continue reading

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Life as Medical Billers & Coders in Today’s Economy

The world’s largest economy has had to weather one of the worst recessions in the recent times. Not too long ago U.S. GDP hit the rock-bottom (at -8.9 in the middle of 2009). While it has slowly been coming out … Continue reading

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Focusing On Patient Care amidst New Technology Changes While Medical Billing

Over the last few years, medical billing has undergone a lot of changes, with emphasis on the IT systems, for the smooth & efficient processing of insurance claims and timely payments to doctors & other healthcare professionals (HP). In 2009, … Continue reading

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Forecasting the Future of Medical Billing and Coding Post ICD-10

United States is on the verge of a major billing and coding reform – the introduction of ICD-10 in particular marks the beginning of the most robust, effective and efficient system of billing and coding ever to have been followed. … Continue reading

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Does a Medical Coding & Billing Job Offer You Healthcare’s Security from an Office Setting?

Career in health care industry has rarely been unsecure. While professionals in other sectors have had to undergo turbulent times recently, people in this priority sector have maintained steady progress despite economic reversals. And there are reasons to it: first, … Continue reading

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How can Physicians Balance Roles at Work to Increase Medical Billing Efficiency of Their Clinic?

Over the last few years the healthcare system in the United States has witnessed modifications in policies and regulations, in order to make healthcare facilities cost effective and accessible to people from all income groups. However, a substantial percentage of … Continue reading

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