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The Significance of Responding to Cardiology Billing and Coding Dynamics

Cardiology is one those specialties that generally perform high-cost diagnostic and curative services, and getting reimbursed for such significant services means conclusive and convincing cardiology medical billing – adhering to cardiology codes, compliance standards and coding rules. Cardiologist, who used … Continue reading

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Ascertaining Cardiologists’ Medical Billing Needs Even as They Migrate From Private Practices to Hospitals

Till recently, cardiologists who were happy with their private practices have suddenly started exploring avenues to align themselves with hospitals. The change has been so dramatic that already around 15 percent of cardiologists across the U.S. have left their private … Continue reading

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Eliminating Skilled Nursing Facilities’ (snfs) Medical Billing Complication

Medical billing for Skilled Nursing Facilities has undergone metamorphic changes ever since the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 came into effect 1998. One of the significant requirements under the new legislation is that Skilled Nursing Facilities are not permitted to … Continue reading

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Reforming Nursing Facilities Medical Billing Amidst Dwindling Eimbursements

Nursing facilities across the U.S. have somehow endured a series of Medicare/Medicaid cuts thus far, but the latest move by CMS to reduce reimbursement for so-called Medicare “bad debt” – Medicare co-payments not made by beneficiaries or state Medicaid programs … Continue reading

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The Value of Outsourcing Cardiology Specialty Billing Amidst Changes to Medicare Reimbursement Rates

Any revision in Medicare reimbursement rates will have a direct impact on physicians’ medical billing, and cardiologists are not immune to the effects of frequent changes in Medicare reimbursement rates, announced by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) … Continue reading

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Complications in Clinical Documentation Leading to Inaccurate Billing Codes

Clinical documentation is a need that threads through the entire lifecycle of an inpatient treatment episode. The clinical documentation specialist checks the documents of a patient before or within 24 to 28 hours of admission to assess various aspects of … Continue reading

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Tackling Reimbursement Challenges Posed by Inpatient Coding With Professional Medical Billing and Coding!

The fact that inpatient medical coding deals with patients after they are discharged from health centers makes it widely different and much more complicated than outpatient billing and coding. Inpatient billing and coding has to account for the entire set … Continue reading

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