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Solving the ‘Secondary Insurance’ puzzle at your medical practice

Care providers encounter patients with more than one level of health insurance coverage – a secondary insurance to complement primary insurance. While secondary insurance has considerably reduced patients’ out-of-pocket expenses and facilitated treatment plans outside primary coverage, billing for two-levels … Continue reading

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Pre-empting malpractice liability risk with superior EHR systems

Electronic Health Record system (EHRs), which is the next order in clinical and operational documentation, is perhaps one of the significant technology additions to have happened to the health care industry. While care providers seem to have been convinced of … Continue reading

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Managing Variable Healthcare Data with the Help of a Medical Billing Service

Although healthcare data is presumably highly significant to clinical efficiency, its application is not limited to clinical circle alone – medical billing, operational efficiency, contribution to clinical research and macro healthcare policies are equally dependent on healthcare data. Therefore, the … Continue reading

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EHR As a Means to Better Co-Ordinate and Control Care Processes

The success of health care has always been determined by how best care providers are able to coordinate the care processes across the clinical cycle – right from the time patients are admitted till they are pronounced cured. While clinical … Continue reading

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Does Expanding Outpatient Physicians Really Help Stabilize Your Hospital Revenues?

Hospitals that hitherto have been troubled with in-patient operational losses may just have found a solution in outpatient mode. Contrary to stagnant inpatient volumes and revenues, outpatient volumes seem to have picked up in recent years. As a result operational … Continue reading

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Keeping your Clinical Focus Intact with Analysis-Backed AR Management Solutions

Every year physicians in the U.S. lose thousands of dollars in the form bad debts. These so called bad debts are Account Receivables that have surpassed the admissible time limit or deemed impossible to be followed up. Once Account Receivables … Continue reading

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Transforming Your Data Centers into Secure, Instant, and HIPAA-Compliant

Medical data has significant utilities – as vital source of reference for subsequent follow-ups, collaborative clinical management across the clinical network, medical billing, information bank for clinical research, and macro health care policies. While most of the practitioners may have … Continue reading

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