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How Crucial are Cardiology Billing Specialists during Reporting and Following-Up Cardiology Medical Bills?

In the last few years, cardiology has had to manage with negligible fee increase while having to cope up with numerous coding and billing changes. While cardiologists may have seen an increase of 1 to 2 percent increase in Medicare’s … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Experience & Expertise in Cardiology Billing

Over the years cardiology has branched out into an impressive array of sub-specialties – general clinical cardiology, interventional cardiology, echo-cardiology, nuclear cardiology specialty, heart failure, transplant and cardiology surgery to name a few. Within each of these sub-specialties, cardiologists are … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Shrinking Bottom-Line with Streamlined Cardiology Billing Process?

Cardiologists are reported to have been writing off a considerable chunk of medical bills that could otherwise have been realized if they had a more responsible cardiology medical billing in place. If the industry sources are to be believed, over … Continue reading

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How Specialized Billing Service Helps Prevail Over Unique Orthopedic Billing Challenges

Orthopedic billing has its own share of challenges that seem to get complex with changes in orthopedic-specific CPT codes and modifiers every year or as deemed fit whenever by the governing body for monitoring and recommending coding changes. Quite parallel … Continue reading

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Are Orthopedics Justified in Embracing HIPAA Compliant Orthopedic Billing to Boost Their Reimbursement

Reimbursements have generally been tight recently for orthopedics – Medicare cuts, shrinking fee schedules, increased technology intervention in medical billing, and a multi-payer environment that is more vigilant than ever have really made it tough for orthopedics to realize their … Continue reading

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Relevance of Outsourced Medical Billing as Hospitals’ Rely More on Technology to Elevate Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction has always been the yardstick for operational success, and hospitals have tried out novel ways to keep patient experience enriched. While physicians’ skills have primarily been pivotal, technology too has helped considerably. And, technology has begun to be … Continue reading

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The Prominence of Health Records in Clinical and Medical Billing Efficiency

Health practitioners often find themselves dealing with a variety of records – from records pertaining to practice license and credentialing documents to financial and compliance records. But none of them are as significant as ‘health care records’ (often known as … Continue reading

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