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Cardiologists Handle New Regulations and Coding Changes in 2013 with Efficient Medical Billing

Cardiologists are likely to face an entirely new scenario with respect to regulations and coding in the upcoming future. With healthcare industry implementing constant reforms and the government as well as private insurers subscribing to increasingly efficient methods of medical … Continue reading

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How Can Outsourcing Help Better Position Your Practice for Pay-for-Performance?

Pay-for-performance programs are a great way of rewarding health care providers but do you have the time and resources to make your medical practice eligible for such rewards? There is no doubt that these programs provide encouragement to doctors and … Continue reading

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Physicians Realign Their Strategies to Meet the Challenges of Healthcare Reform

After reforms, the American healthcare industry is seeing a curious change: healthcare providers are adjusting their practice models to suit the needs of Affordable Care Act. A quick look at some of the factors that are provoking these changes will … Continue reading

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Providers Acquiring Medical Billing Services To Handle the ACA Impact on Revenue

The Affordable Care Act has left the healthcare providers in the US worried. A survey conducted sometime back reported that 55% of hospitals expect a dip in their revenue while only 28% think that there would be an increase in … Continue reading

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Improving your AR by Switching to a Billing Service for Your Medical Practice

One of the most frustrating issues for a physician is delivering quality medical services and not getting paid for it. Your practice can become successful only when the receivables are captured at all times. In absence of follow ups, you … Continue reading

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Gauging the Accountable Care Readiness of Your Practice

Accountable Care Readiness or ACO is the concept of healthcare providers (medical groups, practices and hospitals) collaborating for bringing down care costs and improving healthcare quality for specific patient population. It is most certainly the rising phenomenon in the exceedingly … Continue reading

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Aligning Your Medical Billing Goals with Your Practice’s Goals!

A truly successful medical practice in today’s evolving healthcare industry is one that has its goals aligned with its medical billing goals. To a physician, however, it may seem like yet another time consuming task, but well determined objectives of … Continue reading

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