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The Significance of Responding To Orthopedic Medical Billing and Coding Dynamics!

In today’s challenging billing scenario, Orthopedic physicians and surgeons are facing increased pressure due to increased billing challenges.  Extensive coding changes and revision have been introduced by the CPT Manual this year (2013), further impacting Orthopedic reimbursement in a big … Continue reading

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Minimizing Delayed Payments and Revenue Loss with Streamlined Orthopedic Medical Billing

With the introduction of new coding and billing changes for Orthopedics in 2013, reimbursement and timely billing has become even more challenging. Orthopedic physicians are facing Medicare cuts and their fee schedules are reducing. It has become vital for them … Continue reading

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How Can Accurate Documentation Enhance Practice Revenue?

In the last five to ten years reimbursement for medical practices has been impacted by various changes in the healthcare industry. These changes include HIPPA tightening their requirements for data submission, upcoming ICD-10 final implementation date coming closer, amongst various … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Shrinking Bottom-Line With A Streamlined Internal Medicine Billing Process

Many Internal medicine practices in the US face the challenge of a shrinking bottom-line; mainly due to the diverse aspects of the specialty – diagnostic, preventive and curative. Internal medicine treatment has a collaborative nature where the treatment episode depends … Continue reading

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How Crucial Is It To Ensure HIPAA-Compliance At Your Medical Practice?

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – protects the confidentiality of the patients’ electronic medical health records from unauthorized access. This makes it crucial for health care providers to be cautious while considering with whom to share … Continue reading

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Value of Documentation Amidst Healthcare Reforms

Challenges faced by practices today Medical claim denials are very frequent; due to computer technologies that detect the slightest of errors and immediately reject such claims. The reasons for rejection can range from registration inaccuracies, invalid diagnosis code to lack … Continue reading

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Navigate Through Payment Reforms with A Medical Billing Specialist

Cost of healthcare in America has shot up due to the way healthcare providers are being paid for their services under the fee-for-service system, which has bought about an urgent need for health care payment reforms. However with the introduction … Continue reading

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