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Healthcare Growth Triggers Increased Demand For Billing Specialists!

Healthcare is an evidently developing industry, compared to many other significant industries. As the requirement to meet the needs of the patients, aging population care, and medication safety is increasing, so is the relative importance of health care. The healthcare … Continue reading

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OB GYN Practices Prevent A Shrinking Bottom-Line With Streamlined Medical Billing!

In various ways, OBGYN is a boon for pregnancy care – as it brings together gynecology and obstetrics which are closely connected and support each other. But the downside of this is that it also leads to diverse complexities, high … Continue reading

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How Will Value Based Payment Models Impact The Medical Billing Process?

Medical billing process is evolving with new healthcare reforms and value based payment models being introduced into the healthcare industry. It is being forecasted that in the next five years, more than half of health plans will be supported by … Continue reading

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Why you should have Life Insurance? Some Strong Reasons

As you know, there are various life insurance services available in the world—however, some people are still confused about the significance of life insurance in their lives. In the UK, citizens know about its importance; in fact, two out of … Continue reading

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How Can A Billing Specialist Help Avoid Claim Denials?

Number of claims denied in the healthcare industry is a mystery. Claims are getting denied due to various reasons, and moreover the graph is showing an upward movement. It has been observed that most denials are in excess of 20%. … Continue reading

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Critical Coding Blunders Medical Practices Need To Evade!

Accurate coding is vital for all medical practices as it is the main source of reimbursement. It not only reduces claim denials and increases revenue; but also plays a significant role in insurance assessments. Coding is an irreversible process that … Continue reading

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Overcoming Unique OB GYN Medical Billing Challenges with A Billing Specialist

OBGYN promises to be a holistic solution to the challenge of pregnancy bringing together obstetricians (specializing in pregnancy) and gynecologists (dealing with reproductive organs), thus ensuring a close coordination and synchrony between the two. But, thanks to this combination, some … Continue reading

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