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Physicians Get Tech Savvy to Deal with Increased Billing Documentation

Documentation takes up approximately one-third of a physician’s workday. With the implementation of healthcare reforms, HIPAA requirements and preparation for ICD-10, physicians are buried into piles of charts and billing forms, ending up with limited time for patient care. The … Continue reading

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Optimizing Practice Revenue with Specialized Medical Billing

The medical billing process requires constant updating and understanding of regulatory changes. If you are managing it alone you need to rethink, as without much government support chances are your revenue may suffer due to time constraints. Additionally your practice-staff … Continue reading

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Hospitals Adapt To The New Upcoming Innovative Payment Models!

Hospitals, in the US, are facing considerable challenges in the wake of innovative payment models. Innovative payment models are four different types of payment modules which apply to various phases of treatment episode and involve payment to the provider in … Continue reading

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Reforms Prompt Physicians To Opt For Billing Guidance To Increase Profitability!

Numerous US clinics profitability ratios have been depicting a downward trend and according to a recent physician survey, two thirds of the participants predict low profitability for the year ahead. This is not a positive scenario, and to change it … Continue reading

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Understanding the Various Components Encompassing New Payment Models!

Hospitals, physicians and other care providers require being paid in a more systematic manner to help enhance quality of healthcare that too at a low cost. The current fee-for-service system in the US through which physicians are paid has been … Continue reading

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Assessing the Impact of PHI in the Current Healthcare Scenario!

Healthcare organizations need to ensure PHI (Protected health information) privacy if they want to avoid steep penalties. After the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule was published in January this year, a final deadline has been set for practices to keep PHI … Continue reading

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