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Benefits of Accurate Documentation in Chiropractic Billing

When compared to traditional healthcare providers, chiropractors face more issues in terms of amount and type of documentation. While an average busy chiropractor continues to deal with constraints of managed care, uneven patient retention rates and increasing regulatory demands, documentation … Continue reading

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Pregnancy After 40’s

Some women will wait until they are over 40 years of age to begin thinking about having children. This happens because they become busy with careers and relationships. They seem to forget that the odds of getting pregnant later in … Continue reading

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Simplify Your ICD-10 Optometric Billing with A Billing Specialist

With the introduction of HIPAA 5010 federal mandate and inclusion of ICD-10 standard for electronic billing processing, there is an immediate requirement for skilled manpower to process your Optometric medical billing claims. If accurate billing is not done as per … Continue reading

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Reduce Claim Denials with A Streamlined Medical Billing Process

Medical billing helps reduce claim denials thus minimising losses that arise due to late payments and manual errors. Since medical billing is a complex procedure; adhering to stringent rules and procedures and also keeping up to date with the current … Continue reading

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Overcoming Chiropractic Billing Challenges with A Billing Specialist

There’s a joke “The best day in chiropractors life is the day when she gets a computer, and the next best day is when she gets rid of it”. This joke surely gives a glimpse of the increased administrative work … Continue reading

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What You Should Know About Healthcare IT Jobs

Our world is now striving for Jobs! Yes, thousands of graduates are getting into the career field every year but only a few of them are able to get a good job in order to move their life forward. But … Continue reading

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Utilizing the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Accurately to Increase Revenue

The Physician Fee Schedule contains valuable information regarding reimbursement and coding for Medicare patients. The Schedule was implemented in January 1992 before which service charges revolved around reasonable and prevailing charges. After the implementation of the schedule, the basis of … Continue reading

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