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Improving Medical Billing and Coding Vital to Reduce Claim Denials

Claim denials are experienced by every medical practice; however, the percentage varies on the basis of how effectively medical billing tasks are handled. Providers can bring down denial rates below 5% if they invest time and money in improving their … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Insurance Denials Eat Up Your Revenue Learn the Process of Appeal

In case of claim denials, every medical practice goes through the time-consuming procedure of dealing with a health insurer. Claim denials create a cash flow problem for practices due to which it becomes essential for providers to minimize delays and … Continue reading

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Overcoming Modern Healthcare Challenges with Comprehensive Billing and Coding Services

Modern healthcare challenges have become so numerous and daunting that they leave healthcare organizations in a constant state of flux. Take the challenges posed by new technologies used to perform various procedures involved in treatment episodes. Each time a new … Continue reading

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Understanding ICD 10 Impact on Chiropractic Practices

Many allege that ICD9 codes lack the ability to precisely describe low-intensity conditions particularly pertaining to physical therapy, home care etc. On the other hand, ICD 10 is widely believed to be more accurate and inclusive and thus is expected … Continue reading

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Will Medicaid and Medicare Reforms See Rise in Healthcare Standards by 2015?

With more than 90 million Americans covered under Medicare and Medicaid insurance services, the U.S. healthcare system is heavily dependent on the success of healthcare reforms to improve care standards. All healthcare reforms are currently focusing on two parameters of … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Made Effective with EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a group of applications designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of medical record keeping. With increasing complexity in coding and billing process as well as introduction of ICD-10 codes … Continue reading

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Major Billing Hurdles Faced in Optometry

Optometry services have seen an increasing growth in present day healthcare industry. With healthcare reforms now allowing optometry practitioners to prescribe medications and perform minor procedures, people prefer to visit an Optometry clinic with minor eye-care troubles instead of booking … Continue reading

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