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Hire a Medical Billing Service- The Best Cost Cutting Strategy

If you are looking for an effective cost-cutting strategy, outsource your medical billing services to a billing partner. Since a separate, well-trained team will be taking care of your billing and insurance processing needs, your staff will get enough time … Continue reading

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Does Your Practice Have the Medical Billing Expertise to Handle Rising Claim Denials?

Due to lack of billing expertise, many providers don’t get paid for the services offered. They fail to understand that every single denied claim can prove critical to the financial health of their practice. What medical billing services expertise is … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Practice for ICD-10 Coding Challenges and Documentation

ICD-10 will be reshaping the coding and documentation procedure to a great extent and failing to prepare for the same will result in lost revenue. Poor quality documentation and coding will not just affect providers but it will also have … Continue reading

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Payment Posting and Denial Tracking the Most Time Consuming Parts of the Medical Billing Process

Denial tracking and payment posting are time consuming yet fundamental features of the revenue cycle management (RCM). Successful implementation of these processes can have a major impact on efficiency, patient satisfaction and financial performance of your medical practice. Therefore, there … Continue reading

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Medical Billing Challenges for Physicians Accepting only Medicare and Medicaid

Challenges faced by physicians accepting Medicare patients: Medicare enrollment process is one of the main challenges faced by physicians. Due to various problems found in the enrollment process over past years, Medicare billing has become daunting for providers. Increased paperwork … Continue reading

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Surviving Technical Challenges of ICD-10 with a Medical Billing Partner

ICD-10 implementation will be having an impact on the IT infrastructure of medical practices. Physicians will have to assess whether or not the new, ICD-10 ready EHR and practice management software versions will run on their existing hardware. For instance, … Continue reading

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Patient Payment Balance – When Should You Move Them To Collections?

Providers place patient balances in the hands of a collection agency when the situation grows out of control. However, opting for debt professionals is not always the best option for a medical practice to retrieve payments. There are ways with … Continue reading

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