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Avoid These Common Coding Mistakes in Your Family Practice with a Medical Billing Partner

Operating costs was listed as the top concern for medical practices in 2013; however, billing and payment hurdles also kept physicians on their toes. Family practitioners also raced in order to keep up with changes in CPT codes that proved … Continue reading

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Accuracy in Documentation Vital for Effective Optometry Medical Billing

Maintaining accuracy in documentation is extremely important for optometry billing. This is not only required for error-free coding, billing, claim submission and follow-ups with insurance companies but also for avoiding malpractice lawsuits. Insufficient and inaccurate documentation have cost medical practices … Continue reading

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Overcoming Recent Billing Challenges with Efficient Medical Billing Services

Overhaul of codes, forms, rates and standards: the current year is going to be very eventful for care providers from a billing and coding standpoint. But whether you will emerge through these challenges 11 months later with your revenues stronger … Continue reading

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Understanding the ICD-10 Impact on Dental Billing Practices

If you are a dental practitioner, with the ICD 10 implementation deadline nearing, you are worried not just about successfully transitioning to ICD 10 CM. But also whether you fully understand ICD 10, for example, do you understand its coding … Continue reading

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Orthopaedists Hiring a Medical Billing Service to Sail through Rising Expenses

Rising expenses amidst reimbursement cuts is one of the biggest challenges faced by orthopaedists in today‚Äôs time. It has not only affected the financial health of practices but it might also lead to restricted care for some patients in future. … Continue reading

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How Streamlined Medical Billing Protocols Can Help Fight Challenges for Hospitals in 2014?

Not just small practices but hospitals in the US are also facing the pressure caused by healthcare reforms. Many hospitals are closing down, merging with bigger hospitals or experiencing major financial problems. It is being expected that 2014 will also … Continue reading

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Hire a Medical Billing Service to Streamline Patient Flow

Efficient patient flow is extremely important if medical practices want to achieve timely patient care and high levels of patient satisfaction. Long waiting time is the biggest complain patients have and if this problem is not solved; your practice might … Continue reading

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