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Healthcare CFO’s Pressure Points – Discussed and Revealed

The healthcare industry, as any other sphere of business, is also fraught with new challenges that come to the fore each day. This brings about tremendous pressure for the health care personnel involved and a CFO also goes under the … Continue reading

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The Impact of Financial Incentives on ICD-10 Debate

ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases and its codes hold important information with respect to managing health and treating conditions. The healthcare system in USA relies on a set of codes known as ICD-9 to document diagnosis and in … Continue reading

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Opening a New Clinic is Like Giving Birth to a New Life

Anything fresh and new is always exciting. To see one’s long cherished dream being actualized can be an out of body experience for many. All those sleepless nights, dreams, constant flow of thoughts, aspirations and asking a million questions before … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways Hospitals can Reduce their Physician Shortage Rate

In today’s times the medical community faces a plethora of challenges and shortage of physicians is one of them. The WHO is estimating a shortage of more than four million physicians and health care workers around the world. So, one … Continue reading

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How to Catch Common Medical Billing Errors?

Miscommunication between the healthcare providers and coding professionals is one of the major reasons behind improper medical billing. The billing system in US has turned complex due to its Affordable Care Act (ACA). With more Americans heading towards insurance coverage … Continue reading

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EHR Usage Tips for best Medical Billing and Coding

The Obama government is making every possible effort to digitize the entire process of medical record keeping. Apart from increasing administrative efficiencies and reducing healthcare costs, adoption of EHR has been helping practices prevent careless billing errors. According to a … Continue reading

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