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How many Physicians are already Submitting Claims Electronically?

Information technology is playing a major role in every field and the government is taking pains to extend its role into the healthcare sector as well. They have chalked out various policies and spent billions of dollars in the form … Continue reading

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What Factors to Consider for Improving Medical RCM?

The healthcare industry has seen a number of changes in the recent past. Most of these changes have affected the reimbursements and revenue cycle of medical practices. While the insurance programs have started reducing the reimbursements for physicians, third party … Continue reading

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Remote Medical Billing: A Growing Trend

There is a tremendous increase in the number of people seeking medical attention. The reasons behind this range from an increase in life span over the years to an increase in the number of diseases. This increase in medical services … Continue reading

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Urology Billing Solutions: Billing Software or Outsourcing

Timely payments and accuracy in billing are the two main factors that determine the financial strength of a urology practice. Considering the rise in billing complexities and increased healthcare costs, it has become important for urology practices to decide between … Continue reading

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5 Common Medical Billing Errors

Billing errors lead to denied or delayed payments. If the mistakes are not caught ahead of time, it can lead to costly fines and loss of revenue for medical practices. Mistakes in medical billing have become a common occurrence due … Continue reading

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Is your Clinic too Crowded? Save your Medical Practice by Optimized Management

More patients mean more money but many practices are still not prepared for handling the patient influx caused by the Affordable Care Act. Due to the lack of skilled front-desk staff and physicians, providers have become uncertain about the future … Continue reading

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