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Everything you Wanted to Know about ICD-10 End-to-End Testing

The Justifys for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) is looking for around 850 volunteers to participate in the ICD-10 end-to-end testing in April 2015. The federal agency conducted a weeklong testing from November 17 to 21in 2014 with more than 500 … Continue reading

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Streamline your Radiology Billing Services with New 2015 CPT Changes

The American Medical Association (AMA) has released a total of 542 CPT code changes under the CPT coding manuals for 2015. Fifteen new codes have been introduced under radiology billing in 2015, while 23 codes have been removed. The AMA … Continue reading

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Improving Efficiency of Dental Billing and Collections with greater Focus on Patient Care

Over one million adults across 36 states in the US enrolled for dental plans through the newly-established health insurance marketplace in 2014, according to a published report. The American Dental Association has estimated that more than 8.3 million adults nationwide … Continue reading

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6 Tips for Easy OB / GYN Medical Billing

Obstetricians are specialist physicians in pregnancy and postpartum, gynaecologists are the one who specialize in female reproductive system. The health conditions that both these specialties deal with are diverse and diagnosing and treating them definitely involves a lot of detailing … Continue reading

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Benefits of Transition to ICD-10 Medical Coding

ICD-10 coding system has been developed by the World Health Organization to help providers improve the quality of care. Compliance to the new system will also help them reduce the cost of care, enhance administrative performance and get accurate payment … Continue reading

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Inspect Revenue Management Techniques for Primary Care

Primary Care physicians (PCP) treat patients with all types of acute physical, mental and chronic ailments and diseases. The patients form a wide range of patients; people of all demographics, socioeconomic groups and so on. PCPs are thus expected to … Continue reading

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Are you Struggling with Pending AR and Billing Challenges?

Are your billers trained in collecting receivables? Does your practice collect insurance and patient balances efficiently? These are some of the important questions every physician should have an answer to. According to a research conducted by the Medical Group Management … Continue reading

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