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Know how ICD-10 Codes can Create some Fear During Halloween!

Time for Pumpkin carving! With ICD-10 having firmly laid it’s feet in the US healthcare and Halloween being just around the corner, this is a good time to go through some scary and strange codes that could well represent Halloween … Continue reading

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Healthcare Revolution- Engaging Physicians!

The new health care Reforms in the shape of the popularly known Obamacare or Affordable Care Act has met with great resistance from many physicians. Pro or against the many reforms that this Act has brought in, change in the … Continue reading

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Has ICD-10 Increased Stress for Physicians?

The beginning of the new coding system was a rather normal one with not too many glitches. Despite the frustrations caused by the switch to ICD-10, the actual impact will be seen when it is time for reimbursements. No matter … Continue reading

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An Ideal Patient-Doctor Relation! Do not Let ICD-10 Hamper this

Change is constant, especially in the medical field; the latest being the implementation of ICD-10 in the US. ICD is a system of diagnostic codes (more than 69,000 codes) for reporting diseases, identifying global health trends, and collecting statistics globally. … Continue reading

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ICD-10 and ASC! Know what to Expect Initially

Well the day has dawned and ICD-10 is here! And even though the thought of whether ICD-10 is going to affect me or not is still lingering, think again! ICD-10 will affect every provider who used ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes to … Continue reading

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Physician burnout- Something to ponder on

Long hours at medical school, was something one could get used to when one is young. But long hours when at work and critical medical cases to deal with can drain you of all energy at the end of the … Continue reading

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Will Medical Billing Outsourcing help reduce ICD-10 Claim Denials?

Outsourcing is today a commonly used term with most medical practices opting to outsource their services due to the problems faced by them as a result of the ever changing healthcare changes. The add-ons have been the changing billing requirements … Continue reading

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