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Avoid Descent in Revenue and Escalation in Denials in ASC Billing

If the ASC is losing out on their revenue due to coding, collection and billing blips some serious measures need to be taken to arrest them. As for any practice, efficient billing and collections are essential for the success and … Continue reading

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Are appropriate Patient Collections being affected by High Deductibles?

It has been observed, that since 2008 and after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has come into being, there has been a major doubling of patients with high deductibles plans. People often have picked a high deductible plan because it … Continue reading

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Top Medical Billing Trends in 2015

There have been a number of changes related to medical billing this year.Many professionals will report that these changes are because of Obama Care.  Others may even state that the ICD-10 changes have created these changes.  While these changes may … Continue reading

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Ways in which Smart Phones Play a Role in Boosting Patient Care

Smart phones are powerful in not merely connecting people around the world; they are also perceived as a boon to improve patient care in the ever transforming health industry. Various technologies are being developed by organizations to capitalize on the … Continue reading

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Ways in which Healthcare Analytics are Ensuring Better Patient Satisfaction

Critical patient care has been backed by pushing through the Value based performance payment model along with a few other subsidiary payment models that tie into it. But given the number of footfalls, with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging for

It is often that we receive inquiries related to guest blogging for Hence, we felt considered writing on this topic as we would certainly appreciate an engaging guest post! Besides, it’s always refreshing to have some new perspectives. If … Continue reading

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