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Let us Measure ICD-10’s Progress in 2015

We, the healthcare providers, all waited with bated breath as the October 01, 2015 drew close – the day when our systems would transition from ICD-09 to ICD-10 coding system. The blogs and articles tried to draw up as many … Continue reading

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5 Things about Better Medical Billing and Happier Patients

Let’s always keep in mind that patients come with some problems that they hope will be solved quickly and without any hassles. So, how does one keep the patients happy? While keeping a smiling face makes good sense, giving the … Continue reading

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Hospital Billing vs. Clinical Billing

Two kinds of billing exist in the medical billing genre – Hospital billing (institutional billing) and clinical billing (physician billing). Hospital billing refers to the billing of claims generated for services performed by doctors who are associated with a hospital … Continue reading

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How well do you know your EOB ?

EOB is an outcome of the claims process and is alternatively termed as a Beneficiary Notice, Summary of Benefits, Remittance Advisory or Coverage Determination. EOB is NOT A BILL though it looks like one. It is simply an explanation of … Continue reading

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Cardiology Billing Requires Focus and Deep Expertise – How is this Justified?

One of the very complex and challenging disciplines’ in medicine is ‘Cardiology.’  It deals with the treatment of the cardiovascular system – illnesses and abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels. This includes procedural and diagnostic services performed by cardiologists. … Continue reading

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Reasons for Persistent Errors in Medical Billing

This is chiefly due to the number of hands the bill goes through; the count roughly being close to 300 people that are involved in the billing process at some stage(billing specialists, coders, medical practitioners, administrators and insurance providers). There … Continue reading

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Top 4 Reimbursement Questions Physicians must ask

With underpayments galore, and incentives that are not so very attractive, Medicare is proving to be adept at what it does best – lower the fees further with providers. Although the behemoth that Medicare is turns out in its favor … Continue reading

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