Month: April 2016

  • Top Medical Codes for Pharmacy Billing

    For a successful and effective billing in pharmacy, efficiency in coding is of paramount importance. Pharmacists have been using CPT codes for seeking reimbursement thus far for interventions such as reviewing a patient’s history, creating a medication profile for a patient, and making recommendations to a patient for improving compliance with…

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  • Claims Denials

    Medicare and DME- Know more

    Did you know that since October 2013 physicians need to conduct a face-to-face interview with the proposed beneficiaries before ordering durable medical equipment? This is one of the rules specified by Medicare, which further clarifies the need to document the data in the patient’s records. A copy of this medical…

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  • Infographic: Pharmacist and the Changing Healthcare System

    The traditional pharmacist role as dispensing medications across the counter/Over the Counter (OTC) has evolved over the years. The pharmacists have, over time, traditionally leveraged their clinical knowledge to review prescribed drug regimens which help prevent inappropriate dosing and have been instrumental in minimizing drug interactions. Pharmacists are placed second only to…

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  • Key strategies to improve your Optometry Revenue

    According to a report, 65% of the American population needs vision treatment in some way or the other. This demand grows by the day from existing patients, the elderly and those at risk of eye ailments. If the demand increases, revenues increase and optometry can thrive. Demand can readily be…

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  • 4 Ways To Master Ambulance Billing

    To be able to run an ambulance billing service is very tough. The updated healthcare Medicare rules and regulations are often tough to follow. Moreover, the recent fraud claims by many of the ambulance services in various states have caught many ambulance billing services on the wrong foot. Revamping and…

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  • Optimization in Optometry Billing Practices

    Although taking care of eyes is the main aim of every optometrist, staying in the business is equally important where billing and coding becomes its vital element. Optometry experience and expertise, hence the path being taken in billing and the reimbursements which can maximize the revenues needs to be constantly…

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  • Obstacles in Ambulatory Surgical Centers’ Billing

    Growing number of Ambulatory Surgical Centers are  replete with complexity in billing and coding. With this, it becomes necessary to identify errors and execute appropriate solutions. Medicalbillersandcoders expertise into ASC Billing and Coding Services , ensuring full reimbursement of claims from insurance companies, for profitable revenue generation.

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