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Top 3 Reasons for Outsourcing your Urology Medical Billing

The financial well-being of any Urology practice depends on timely billing and getting the reimbursement as early as possible. No wonder then that most professionals prefer to outsource their Urology medical billing to a professional service that knows the intricacies … Continue reading

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7 Checklists before you Outsource your Podiatry billing services

  It is a known fact that a healthcare facility’s billing department can create or ruin revenues. Hence, as goes for other practices, podiatry billing too needs to be precisely billed and compensated for all its efforts. Sometimes, the billing … Continue reading

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Avoid basic errors affecting Urology billing

  It is critical in today’s economy to get accurate, entitled, and timely reimbursements for all the healthcare services provided. Billing demands accuracy, and the financial strength of any practice depends on the same, including urology. Here are ways in … Continue reading

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3 mistakes people make while choosing to outsource medical billing

  Outsourcing medical billing and coding services are required when the healthcare facility or the solo practitioner are becoming a challenge, collections/revenues are steadily going down, billing processes are inefficient, there is high staff turnover, training and technology costs are … Continue reading

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How Expert Billing Can Make Your ENT Practice More Profitable?

One of the toughest business questions an ENT specialists face is whether to outsource their medical billing services to an offshore billing agency or do it in-house with medical billing software. Many physicians that are spread across major U.S cities are looking … Continue reading

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Keeping Pace With The Changing Landscape Of Health Insurance

Against the backdrop of evolving technology and ever-changing insurance requirements, 2016 evokes hope as well as apprehensions for healthcare providers. A lot has changed in the past few months. While healthcare costs maintained a languid pace in the beginning of … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between “MBC” & a regular “Bill Mill?”

In our previous blogs, we have written about how to reduce A/R denials & rejections, behind the scene facts of medical billing, how there are no grey areas in medical billing, and what you need to look for when outsourcing any … Continue reading

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