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Urology billing suffering due to stagnant coding?

Urology billing is seeing a pool of billing and coding changes both in terms of administrative workflow and coding for different procedures.   It might be time for you understand different aspects of urology coding and how insurance company will like … Continue reading

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Mistakes to avoid while coding for preventive medicine services

Medical Coding is more complicated today with different overviews regarding medical codes according to the insurance companies. The documentation and coding for diagnoses/procedure are becoming a one-sided question of the medical billing. “You’re given codes are incorrect and can please … Continue reading

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How to maintain the general surgery billing in ASC facility?

Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) play a unique role in providing outpatient healthcare to the US population. By providing specialized services outside of the hospital setting, ASCs allow patients greater access, a higher level of convenience, and more focused and cost-effective … Continue reading

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A checklist for your practice to succeed in your value-based reimbursement

Healthcare is moving towards a parameter based revenue system, with the patient care, patient diagnoses and billing all will decide the reimbursement. Though patients today have much more control over their billing and many of the private healthcare insurance provide … Continue reading

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