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Understanding pitfalls in DME billing

Billing is a vital aspect of any business, and healthcare is no exception. Millions of dollars can be lost if pitfalls are not understood and are repeated time and again in the billing and coding of medical practices, especially for … Continue reading

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What makes Outsourced DME Billing Superior?

Physicians who are part of DME services now face an important operational decision: whether to persist with in-house billing staff or entrust to external sources. The long-held belief that in-house billing staff would manage DME-related billing complexities seems to have … Continue reading

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Challenges and Opportunities of Durable Medical Equipment Practice (DME)

The necessity of Durable Medical Equipments (DMEs) had never been so high – in U.S. 30% to 54% of those over 65 years have some form of disability; around 75% to 90% of such disabled require some form of DME … Continue reading

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Overcoming DME Billing Challenges with a Medical Billing Service

There is a distinctive difference between billing for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services and other clinical procedures – durable medical equipment services are ancillary to the primary clinical purpose, and their admissibility is subject to certain conditions.  Physicians since long … Continue reading

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