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10 Tips to Reduce Claim Rejections

A rejected claim contains one or more errors found before the claim was processed. Errors will prevent the insurance company from paying and the rejected claim is returned to the biller to be corrected. A rejected claim may be the … Continue reading

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Reducing AR in General Surgery Billing by Improving Claims Cycle

General surgery billing can be quite challenging for it requires a wide range of expertise not only in the field of general surgery but also in other surgical sub-specialties. Your revenue cycle may be managed well enough to stay afloat … Continue reading

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What Rules the Roost in Healthcare Organizations: Financial Stability or Patient Care?

“Propensity to be fascinated by both the extremities should scrupulously be avoided, and thought must be given to finding an ideal balance between Financial Stability and Patient Care” Unlike Public or Community Healthcare centers, which are funded and run by … Continue reading

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The Relevance of Using Perfect Modifiers in Medical Claims

The overlapping nature of certain medical procedures is such that it is impossible to report them with CPT codes alone. Although CPT coding has grown to be comprehensive enough to cover breakthrough procedures over the years, yet, physicians are not … Continue reading

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Appealing Denied Insurance Claims: An Overview

The process of appealing a denied insurance claim is complicated but can be effective if done correctly since there are numerous reasons for claims to be denied by an insurance company. The payer or insurance company receives thousands of claims … Continue reading

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