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Inaccurate Documentation- Common Problem in OB GYN Billing

Are your coders performing coding operations using incomplete documentation? In order to process insurance claim reimbursement in a speedy manner, coding for diagnosis and treatment procedures is usually done with unfinished documentation. Missing information results in inaccurate coding, causing revenue … Continue reading

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OB GYN Practices Hiring Billing Specialists to Handle ICD-10 Transition

Transition to ICD-10 is going to increase work pressure for OB GYN practices. The new coding system will have twice as many obstetrical codes as ICD-9, adding specificity to the characterization of obstetrical conditions. An organized approach will be required … Continue reading

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How Can Streamlined Billing Reduce Underpayment for OB GYN Practice?

OB GYN practices are comprised of gynecologists and obstetricians and this creates room for unusual billing errors. In comparison to typical medical billing, underpayment is more common in OB GYN practices. This is due to the rules that surround multi-procedures. … Continue reading

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Outsource OB/GYN Billing and Increase Your Revenue

Medical billing has become a challenging task for OB/GYN practices. Complexities have started taking a toll on revenue generation because multiple codes, rules and phases involved in OB/GYN practices are difficult to understand and handle amidst time constraint. Since providers … Continue reading

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Understanding the Complexities of OBGYN Billing

It must not have come as a surprise to professional billers and coders that the complexities around OBGYN are beginning to take a toll on OBGYN care providers’ finances. Understanding the complexities of OBGYN, any expert will admit, is not … Continue reading

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