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Get positive ROI on every patient through outsourced optometry billing services!

Every moment when you think that your optometry billing and coding prerequisites are under control, new reimbursement and claims submission guidelines, coding alerts, or dedicated staffing roadblocks occur. When you as a practitioner are continuously managing claim denials and rejections, … Continue reading

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How to Unveil the Independent Side of Optometry?

The world and business of optometry practice has changed beyond all recognition in the last three decades. This is due to the emergence and growth of the multiple sectors and the ever more sophisticated range of clinical testing equipment that … Continue reading

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10 things to know about ophthalmologists & ophthalmology pay

According to the American Medical Association, the United States as of 2016 has around 25,000 Optometrists, and the numbers are on the rise. With advancements in treating patients via healthcare analytics and EMR documentation, ophthalmology as a job/business is very … Continue reading

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Ways to Ensure Optometry Accounts Receivable are in control

Numerous optometric practices convey more obligations and debt than what is necessary from patients and insurance agencies, and every now and again, the companies Account receivable claims go out of hand. This can inevitably be projected as a burden for … Continue reading

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Facts about Optometry Billing,Collections and RCM

The demand for vision care is increasing, and indeed exceeding the current resources available in the US. As there are more than 7,000 optometrists in communities throughout US which leads to a better geographical distribution, they are more reachable than … Continue reading

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Do not Struggle with Optometry Billing Anymore!

Optometry billing has been subjected to a number of challenges that keep Optometrists from gaining profits. Declining reimbursements and increasing regulations are placing added pressure on physicians, driving them away from patient care. Is your Optometry billing wearing you out? … Continue reading

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Key strategies to improve your Optometry Revenue

According to a report, 65% of the American population needs vision treatment in some way or the other. This demand grows by the day from existing patients, the elderly and those at risk of eye ailments. If the demand increases, … Continue reading

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