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Why Optometrists Need Optometry Billing Companies to Win Patient Trust?

As an Optometrist, you are not just providing eye care services to your patients, but your facility is your business as well. Optometry specialists should know that there are fundamental of medical billing and coding concepts that must be understood. … Continue reading

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Affordable Care Act Changes to Affect Optometry Billing in 2014

As several key sections ofthe Affordable Care Act (ACA) are set to take effect this year optometry practices need to gear up to sail through the billing challenges. The primary focus of the ACA is to increase the number of … Continue reading

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Accuracy in Documentation Vital for Effective Optometry Medical Billing

Maintaining accuracy in documentation is extremely important for optometry billing. This is not only required for error-free coding, billing, claim submission and follow-ups with insurance companies but also for avoiding malpractice lawsuits. Insufficient and inaccurate documentation have cost medical practices … Continue reading

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Is Your Optometry Billing Actually a Making a Profit? How will you Calculate?

Cost accounting is extremely important for medical practices because without knowing the costs it becomes difficult to assess the profit generated by a particular service. It is not enough to be concerned only with overall profit. Providers should also know … Continue reading

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Training Staff for Fee-for-Value Billing Model for Your Optometry Practice

While primary and secondary care providers are gearing up to absorb this change; alternate care providers like Optometrists cannot afford to ignore the evolving changes either. Therefore, to ensure that your medical practice is prepared to cope with the dynamics … Continue reading

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Preparing your Optometry Billing for Medicare Audits

The field of Optometry has seen exponential growth in patient traffic and scope of care over the past decade. With healthcare reforms aiming to bring more and more people under coverage for primary care, government is inducting many alternative healthcare … Continue reading

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Improving Medical Billing Procedures to Avoid Optometry Billing Malpractice Claims

Optometry has emerged as an alternate medical stream that is fast sharing the burden of primary eye care providers and offering increasingly specialized services. With healthcare industry undergoing consistent reforms aimed at bringing more and more patients under Medicare or … Continue reading

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