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ICD-10 News: How to Start Testing

While ICD-10 is almost here, you still have time to get ready. But you must get ready now. Each day this week we are highlighting 1 of the 5 recommendations to help you begin testing: 1) Why Test Now, 2) How to Get Started, 3) Testing with Trading Partners, 4) Types of Testing, and 5) Testing Tips.

Today our focus is:

How To Get Started

  • Verify that you can use your ICD-10-ready systems to:
    • Generate a claim
    • Schedule an outpatient procedure
    • Perform eligibility and benefits verification
    • Prepare to submit quality data
    • Schedule an office visit
    • Update a patient’s history and problems
    • Code a patient encounter
  • To get started, map out your workflows to help you decide what to test. Test any system that stores, processes, sends, receives, or reports diagnosis code information.
  • Test your systems and workflow processes using ICD-10 diagnosis codes. You can test:
    • Inside your practice
    • With vendors, clearinghouses, billing services, and health plans
  • Focus on your highest-risk scenarios. For example, claims processing and the diagnoses you see most often.


  • Involve financial and administrative staff
  • Allow time to address any issues you uncover
  • If you are participating in Medicare Fee-for-Service end-to-end testing this week, you can find additional information in these resources:
    • MLN Matters SE1435 - End-to-End Testing FAQs
    • MLN Matters SE1501 - Acknowledgement Testing and End-to-End Testing FAQs

To learn more about getting ready, visit for free resources including the Road to 10 tool designed especially for small and rural practices, but useful for all health care professionals.

Keep Up to Date on ICD-10

Visit the CMS ICD-10 website and for the latest news and resources to help you prepare. Sign up for and CMS ICD-10 Industry Email Updates and follow us on Twitter.

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