ICD-10 News: How to Start Testing

While ICD-10 is almost here, you still have time to get ready. But you must get ready now. Each day this week we are highlighting 1 of the 5 recommendations to help you begin testing: 1) Why Test Now, 2) How to Get Started, 3) Testing with Trading Partners, 4) Types of Testing, and 5) Testing Tips.

Today our focus is:

How To Get Started

  • Verify that you can use your ICD-10-ready systems to:
    • Generate a claim
    • Schedule an outpatient procedure
    • Perform eligibility and benefits verification
    • Prepare to submit quality data
    • Schedule an office visit
    • Update a patient’s history and problems
    • Code a patient encounter
  • To get started, map out your workflows to help you decide what to test. Test any system that stores, processes, sends, receives, or reports diagnosis code information.
  • Test your systems and workflow processes using ICD-10 diagnosis codes. You can test:
    • Inside your practice
    • With vendors, clearinghouses, billing services, and health plans
  • Focus on your highest-risk scenarios. For example, claims processing and the diagnoses you see most often.


  • Involve financial and administrative staff
  • Allow time to address any issues you uncover
  • If you are participating in Medicare Fee-for-Service end-to-end testing this week, you can find additional information in these resources:
    • MLN Matters SE1435 - End-to-End Testing FAQs
    • MLN Matters SE1501 - Acknowledgement Testing and End-to-End Testing FAQs

To learn more about getting ready, visit cms.gov/ICD10 for free resources including the Road to 10 tool designed especially for small and rural practices, but useful for all health care professionals.

Keep Up to Date on ICD-10

Visit the CMS ICD-10 website and Roadto10.org for the latest news and resources to help you prepare. Sign up for and CMS ICD-10 Industry Email Updates and follow us on Twitter.

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