ICD-10 Transition Information Providers and Payers Need to Share

The compliance deadline for ICD-10 is now October 1, 2014. With two years to complete ICD-10 implementation, providers and payers will need to communicate regularly to help ensure a smooth transition. To keep transition activities on track, providers and payers should:

1.    Engage in an Open Dialogue

Once you have established an ICD-10 Project Team or designated a representative to oversee transition activities, reach out to the organizations you coordinate with to inform them of your implementation plans. Regardless of your organization's size or resources, it is important to make sure you are regularly communicating with external partners about transition plans. If you have not already done so, make sure to:

  • Communicate the current status of your organization's ICD-10 implementation efforts. As payers and providers may be at different stages of implementation, it is important to reach out to one another to share your organization's current focus.
  • Share contact information for all key personnel at your organization involved in ICD-10 implementation activities.

    This will help ensure that information and updates are sent to the appropriate person(s) working on ICD-10 implementation, as well as reduce instances of miscommunication between organizations.
  • Establish regular check-in meetings. Whether you choose to set up formal conference calls, in-person check-ins, or send updates via email, it is important to establish regular meetings to review transition progress and address challenges. 

2.    Revise and Share Implementation Timelines

Since the ICD-10 compliance deadline is now October 1, 2014, organizations will need to revisit their existing timelines or develop new ICD-10 implementation timelines. The timelines developed by CMS outline the steps you will need to take moving forward as well as the timing for each activity.

Following the revision of your organization's implementation timeline, share it with the providers or payers you are coordinating with on the ICD-10 transition. Providers and payers will need to work together on testing, so it will be important to make sure your timelines are in sync.

Please note: Current CMS timelines are based on the October 1, 2013, compliance deadline. CMS plans to update all materials to reflect the new October 1, 2014, compliance deadline. Continue to check the CMS website for updated materials.

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