Billers and Coders paid highest in New Jersey, District of Columbia and Hawaii

Medical billers and coders in general offered good payment options are nevertheless dependent on location which to a great extent can affect the wages of even certified medical billers and coder. Billers and coders can make most of this trend, especially as their work profile is getting redefined with the escalating needs of the healthcare industry.

Currently New Jersey has been ranked as the highest paying state for the services of the medical billers & coders, with Newark being the city that pays the most within that State, offering tremendous career possibilities to billers and coders. There are nearly 1,950 Medical Billing and Coding professionals in New Jersey as per recent statistics with average medical billing and coding salary ranging between:

  • 90th Percentile Salary: $67,900
  • 10th Percentile Salary: $28,110

Besides Newark, Trenton- Ewing, Edison-New Brunswick, Camden, New York-White Plains-Wayne are some of the other top cities in New Jersey for Medical Billing and Coding Careers where billers and coders can work.

Following New Jersey, District of Columbia is the second highest paying State, followed in third place by Hawaii.

Five Top Paying States

State Employment Employment per thousand jobs Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
New Jersey 1,580 0.42 $24.93 $51,850
District of Columbia 710 1.10 $21.45 $44,620
Hawaii 460 0.80 $20.33 $42,290
Massachusetts 5,850 1.85 $20.05 $41,700
Alaska 580 1.86 $19.66 $40,900

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The medical billers and coders work is directly proportionate to the revenue of a medical practice, being very significant to a physician and hence overall offering a fairly good remuneration in most states.

Understanding the variations in Average Salary across states:

  • Availability of personnel: There is a high possibility that States with a large number of medical billers and coders to have lower annual average salaries, like in Arizona the average annual salary of a medical coder is around $37,000 which has a very large number of medical coders
  • Opportunities: Few openings and opportunity for growth in a area may lead to  limited coders choosing to work there, hence resulting in higher average salary in that state or city, like in Hawaii top cities to work in are Honolulu, Hawaii / Maui / Kauai non-metro area , but area of Hawaii possessing lesser opportunities hence far fewer professionals than Honolulu has top 10% of employees earning more than in Honolulu

Medical biller and coders can ascertain which factors are ideally suited to their purpose and make most of the opportunity offered in New Jersey and other states. Joining a group which has a strong presence across these states will further help billers and coders accessing various options and make the right choice.

MBC with a strong presence in the States of New Jersey, Columbia and Hawaii besides being present in all 50 US states can help maximize this opportunity with a team of skilled and certified in-house and outhouse billers and coders who are constantly updated with the various states rules and regulations. Additionally MBC’s job board offering a platform to providers and to medical billers and coders can also assist billers and coders to access these opportunities available in these states as care providers post their job requirements.

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