Complexity in Medical Billing and Coding Enhances Career for Billers and Coders!

If your perception of Medical Billing and Coding is that is has become increasingly complex then you observation is precise. Currently healthcare providers need to put in great efforts to procure even a miniscule increase in their income, also losing out on valuable time which can be spent on patient care.

Amidst complex codes, increasing regulations, escalating costs, declining reimbursement rates and administrative processes physicians need to be highly productive all the time. Varied tasks have led numerous medical industries and health care centers to provide diverse and varied career opportunities to medical coders and billers in order to get their billing and coding done.

Industry Standards State

Career of medical billers and coders is projected to grow with-

  • Employment estimated to increase by 20% by 2018
  • Increased opportunities expected as people retire or leave the profession
  • Increased tests, treatments, and procedures due to an aging population
  • Increased responsibilities associated with electronic health records
  • Coding professionals act as link between healthcare facilities, insurance companies, and other establishments; to handle varied regulations

Which changes are expected in medical billing and coding?

  • ICD-9 code sets will be replaced by ICD-10 code sets on October 1, 2014
  • Transaction standards 4010/4010A need to have been upgraded to Version 5010, to accommodate the ICD-10 code structure
  • CMS payment changes to physicians treating Medicare Advantage Plans patients, requires increased accuracy and documentation
  • Besides changes in Medicare payments, the CPT Code Book is also updated yearly
  • Increased federal regulations will lead to a change in classification of medical procedures
  • Expansion of insurance coverage will result in increase in the number of claims filed

Medical Billers and Coders career opportunities may be increasing, but so is their job responsibility. In order to remain successful you will soon need to handle larger coder sets and data. The number of procedure and diagnosis codes will also increase, making it important to perform self audits regularly to ensure correct coding is being applied appropriately. Additionally it will become an essential to track rejections and generate claims rejection reports. This will become necessary to procure maximized revenue for physicians and prevent the risk of losing billions of dollars.

Handling complexity in medical billing and coding with MBC largest consortium of expert billers and coders offers wide opportunity to medical billers and coders across all US States to cater to this growing demand. Our job portal and regular billing & coding newsletters provides a vast pool of opportunities and knowledge to our coders; along with being continuously updated with changes like the ICD-10 transition updates through our ICD-10 training guide.

Medical Coding Specialists to stay ahead in the future competitive industry would benefit by working towards - securing a certification in their field. MBC’s coding specialists are constantly trained and updated about recent industry updates to help correctly ascertain their preferred area of training for further certification, and are able to provide accurate solutions to healthcare providers across all specialties & states.

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