Countdown to the ICD-10 Deadline begins! — Training for Billers & Coders Crucial now…

We are now less than one year away from the ICD -10 transition which will be crucial for medical billing and coding professionals. Realistically speaking, there’s not much time left to create transition plans at this point of time; so the decisions practices has made will now will determine the ICD-10 success in October 2014.

While October 2014 seems a little too close, it is not too late to start learning about ICD-10 and preparing for the transition. The sooner you begin, the more comfortable you will be with the unfamiliar diagnosis codes when the switch occurs.

Industry fact states

78% providers have begun ICD-10 CM training for coding staff
64% providers have begun ICD-10 PCS training for coding staff
68% practices have begun document improvement education training for medical staff
76% providers plan to provide dual code training to their billers prior to October 1, 2014

The transition to the International Classification of Diseases-10th Revision, Clinical Management coding system is more than a compliance exercise — it is a transformational event.

What is the scope of ICD-10 implementation?

The scope of ICD-10 implementation is to provide advantages like enhancing the capture of healthcare information along with other benefits to healthcare delivery itself. It is also expected to bring about changes in medical billing practices, likely to cause considerable slowdown and upheaval in billing and payment.

Why ICD-10 training is crucial for medical billers and coders?

ICD-10 has 10 times the number of codes compared to ICD-9 CM - Coders knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Also, the medical terminology required for coding will also need to be more detailed. Moreover, the coders will also need to work more closely with doctors to update them on proper coding methods.

Implenenting ICD-10 means there will be more number of codes to choose from, to eliminate the use of super bills, and the providers may need to invest in new software designed to accept the longer digit codes for which billing professionals need more training. Physicians will also need to be more specific in their documentation and code observations as ICD-10 codes include more payment limitations for services. For this, the billers will also need to increase patient education on coverage charges. Hence the billing professionals with optimum training on ICD-10 will benefit more with ICD-10 transition and handle their responsibilities more effectively.

MBC helps billers and coders prepare for ICD-10 transition!

The most important step in a long journey is always the first step! At MBC, we call upon medical billing and coding professionals to take the first step in this journey where updates and training material will be shared with medical billers and coders to update them on revolution in the U.S. healthcare industry.

At MBC, we share ICD-10 related updates & build base for latest coding updates. In our program, you can hope to achieve the desired information on:

  • Transition tips from ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • Problem solving webinars
  • Weekly updates of ICD implementation
  • FAQ documents of ICD-10
  • Coding Practices forum with other experts and participants

As physicians are undergoing healthcare revolution, billing & coding professionals will need to go through a learning evolution to streamline practices. With MBC, you can be assured to be geared for this journey towards a terrific career revamp. is catering to the healthcare industry for over a decade now, across all 50 states and 42 specialties. MBC’s wide network across all the states and the MBC job board strives to provide all medical billers and coders with a platform to acquire jobs in various healthcare organizations. MBC also hosts training on ICD-10 transition for billers and coders, so that they are familiar with ICD-10 standards when the transition occurs on October 2014. MBC also monitors federal regulations and CMS clarification’s to analyze areas of reimbursement risk and emerging issues that may impact the clients.

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