Demand Rising for Coders Trained in Vital ICD-10 Tools and Technology

Medical practices across the US are looking for certified coders who are well-trained in handling vital tools and the technology for ICD-10 transition. Many organizations have already invested in clinical documentation improvement systems, computer-assisted coding (CAC) and coding workflow solutions. But in order to make the most of these technologies, they will require skilled coders who know how to use these systems.

The ICD-10 technology and tools seem promising for benefitting coding, clinical documentation and different operations related to the revenue cycle. The implementation date of the new coding system has been shifted and according to the industry experts, providers should use this extra time to move ahead with technology implementations. They should hire the best coders for testing new systems and existing systems for ICD-10.

Industry facts

Approximately 78% physicians have started training their coding staff for ICD-10 CM
68% medical practices have started offering document improvement education training to their medical staff

Trained Coders in Demand Like Never Before

Considering the complexities of ICD-10, coders with good knowledge of medical terminologies, physiology, anatomy and pharmacology are in high demand. Not just the codes but also knowledge of correct usage of the software and new systems are equally important for coders to learn. This will give them an edge when finding a high-paying job in a hospital or private practice in the US. For instance, to use computer assisted coding, coders need to focus on testing ICD-9 workflows as well as dual coding and future workflows for ICD-10 coding.

Challenges Coders Need to Tackle Ahead of ICD-10

Already employed coders will have to learn about ICD-10 technology and other requirements while working in a full time job. Lack of time will pose as a challenge for coders who wish to get well-trained for a better job in the said field.

They will have to spend some time on online education, accessing online courses that will fit their tight schedules. Coders will have to learn and re-learn college level medical terminologies, anatomy and physiology. Since a large number of people in the existing workforce lack sufficient knowledge of A&P, coders with A&P know-how stand a better chance of getting a good job.

With the medical industry flooded with job offers, medical coders in the US are in demand like never before. If a medical coder has undergone accredited training and has the experience and credentials, he / she can easily demand a competitive pay package.

Finding Attractive Job Opportunities with MBC has been serving 42 medical specialties across the US, offering effective billing solutions to physicians. The company also has a job board that can be used by coders and billers to find attractive employment opportunities in hospitals or private practices.

Coders and billers can also access the job portal, newsletter and industry updates that are made available by experts at MBC. An ICD-10 training guide is also offered by the company to help interested coders learn more about its tools, technology and other requirements. The aim is to help them prepare for the transition, get job assistance and relevant industry knowledge.

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