Secure Job Environment for Billers & Coders with A Projected Job Growth Rate of 21% By 2020!

The medical billing and health information industry is one industry which is expected to grow faster than most others despite the past economic slowdown causing growth to remain stagnant in most sectors. Moreover with increasing healthcare demand the health industry in general and particularly the field of medical billing and coding has been prospering.

Industry standards state

  • Job growth in the sector is projected to increase faster than any other occupation at 21% by 2020
  • Salaries for medical billing and coding positions are expected to increase by over 20% over the next five years in line with the growth in the sector

Hence this brings good news to those expecting an increase in salary and also offers a secure job environment for medical billers and coders.

Reasons for an increase in medical billing and coding jobs in the future:

  • Growth will eventually be followed by expansion in the sector and increased job requirements
  • Medical billing and coding jobs form a crucial link between the healthcare provider and the customer and being an integral part of the system will attract higher demand due to an increase in healthcare demand
  • Presence of professionals in this field is vital for the growth of the industry as they reflect a big part of the healthcare industry

Hence this new growing trend predicts a highly secure job scenario for medical billers and coders.

Medical Billing and Coding in 2020

The upcoming ICD-10 presents vast amount of changes, expanding the scope of work and responsibilities of medical billers and coders, development of computer skills will also become essential as most states are opting for electronic health records systems soon to make paperwork a thing of the past. Moreover with a new code set expected to offer more accurate coding and billing, and with more jobs and higher salaries medical billing and coding is a good choice as a career and a secure option.

With the future looking bright for medical billers and coders especially by 2020 it would be in their best interest to prepare their skills to the best of their ability for making the most of the upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Making the most of opportunities with MBC

In this scenario equipped with experienced Billers and Coders well-versed with HIPAA, ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 CM offers coders a platform to excel in their domain. Our coders are constantly training and updating themselves with the industry requirements, striving to make the most of the evolving healthcare industry.

The medical coding and billing salary range is wide, but with the average salary for a medical coder and biller expected to increase in upcoming years as stated earlier, eventually only the medical biller and coder can determine their earnings depending on abilities they develop. serving physicians for over a decade now and providing updated knowledge including ICD-10, placement opportunities offers medical billers and coders an avenue to get connected with doctors and future job prospects.

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