The Expected Rise in Baby Boomers Boosts Career Opportunities for Billers and Coders

In spite of increasing economic woes, opportunities for medical billers and coders continue to increase especially as the health care industry continues to hire at an alarming rate. Additionally as baby boomers age and the generation X have children there is even further increase expected in the demand for healthcare professionals.

Industry standards state

  • Currently, 172,500 individuals are working as medical billing and coding professionals, however a growth of 20% is expected owing to increasing needs of aging baby boomers over the next 10 years
  • Approximately 22% growth or 3.2 million new jobs, expected in healthcare jobs within the next 5 years, which is faster than any other industry

Aging Population Trends

  • The increasing aging baby boomer population continues to trigger demand as individuals over the age of 65 usually need to spend 3-5 times more on healthcare compared to people under 65
  • Though impacting revenue positively the resultant increasing work and numbers in the healthcare system will exaggerate the need of an effective revenue cycle management
  • To cater to the growing demands of the aging baby boomer population, the importance of efficient and documentation and information in the healthcare industry will increase

Hence as opportunities for medical billers and coders will rise and they become a crucial component towards continuing to provide effective healthcare to the U.S. population.

Catering to the evolving opportunities

An identified shortage of coders is expected even as providers continually work to find new and creative ways to hire professionals and to improve coding efficiency. Moreover as mentioned earlier an increase in the number of insured and an aging baby boomer population is placing stress on the healthcare system as a whole.

In this scenario with the demand for highly trained professionals only growing upwards there is a plethora of choices lying ahead for medical billers and coders. In order to confront this shortage healthcare entities including hospitals are quickly turning towards varied avenues to source qualified billers and coders which include - staffing agencies, remote and automated coding technologies, outsourced coding providers and so on.

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