Month: January 2018

  • DME Billing Services

    Lacking in AR Management can Harm Your Durable Medical Equipment Revenue

    Accounts Receivable (AR) is a key parameter in the financial division of every healthcare facility. It is defined as the money owned by the healthcare facility for the services rendered to the patients. Being a vital aspect of the revenue cycle management, the cash flow of the healthcare facility is directly proportional to the managing of AR. AR is calculated as: Total charges for last 6 months/number of days in last 6 months = average daily charges Total AR / average daily charges = days in AR AR can be duly managed if the medical billing and coding professionals are knowledgeable about coding parameters, insurance rules, timely claim filing and follow up (of regular and rejected claims). Usually, the healthcare facility is paid by the insurance and the patient. A delay in either of these negatively affects revenues and leaves a great deal on the table. Hence, it is imperative to monitor the AR on a continuous basis. And this must be done by professionals who know the healthcare practices’ contracts terms claims adjudication. The professionals managing AR must also know how to calculate copays which the patients are required to pay. Other practices to be followed are: prior authorization,…

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