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    Are You Conducting The Right Follow Up On All The DME Denied Claims?

    Getting to know the basics of denial management is vital for successfully running a medical practice and Durable medical equipment (DME) facility. Facilities that are showing positive bottom line numbers at the end of each month will generally have denial rates below 2%-3%. Also, nowadays payers are embarking system software’s so they can identify different payment procedures which apply the contract requirements. For some insurer’s, it seems that the procedure is skewed to effect denial, whenever anything is unclear. Along with this, most insurance companies expect only a fraction of DME facilities to follow-up on the claim and re-submit a corrected version. Clearly, producing clean claims saves facilities money. Indeed, even with the rising number of claims being denied all the time, DME facilities must not lose heart. There are numerous ways to answer the issue of, how to rectify increasing claim denial rates. Practices can obviously target regular zones of through where a claim denial occurs, but looking beyond the traditional norms is not just enough. Today, even a minute DME billing and coding mistake can lead to a denial or delayed reimbursement. And in such a scenario, if you are not applying the right kind follow up procedures,…

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