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    Advantages of Online Durable Medical Equipment’s Shops

    It’s estimated that even more people will opt into online durable medical equipment’s and supply for the delivery.  Since 2007, the industry has nearly doubled in size, with more people choosing it as their primary method for getting supplies; it has been witnessing a constant rise in DME billing too. The increase in in-home care has also led to more need for convenient supply access.  For many, the advantages of brick-and-mortar retailers are just too great to ignore. The industry is also set to go on growing at a six percent rate for the next couple of years. Are there any advantages to buying my medical supplies online? Well, it’s been proven that online medical supplies are not only cheaper but also in most cases more available as opposed to going around searching for a physical store that has all the products you need. DME Billing That Covers Medicare It is best to think of Medicare’s durable medical equipment coverage as having 2 levels: DME billing is covered when determined to be medically necessary and DME that is never covered despite being medically necessary. For example, grab bar rails may be completely necessary for an individual, but Medicare does not consider…

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