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    Recent Policy development for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing

    The US Healthcare industry in its true sense is passing through a transition period, where each medical specialty is waiting on the fence, to find out if there is any further development to their current regime. In those specialties, the Durable Medical Equipment suppliers are also looking for information and updates that would normalize their business, streamline the revenue cycle and are hands-on with their DME billing and coding procedures. The use of durable medical equipment in the home, while not a recent development, was formally recognized by the Congress with the passage of the original Medicare legislation. Since that time the statute has been amended to provide for a more workable, economical, and desirable interface among the administrative, supplier, and user communities. So with regards to renting, purchasing or repairing and maintenance of Durable Medical equipment here are some developments you should keep in mind for perfect reimbursement. Durable medical equipment billing recent policy developments: As a thumb rule, DME requires a prescription to rent or purchase, as applicable, before it is eligible for coverage. Certain items must be rented and may not be purchased (under “Capped Rentals”). Certain other items must be rented prior to being converted to…

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