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    Out of Pocket Payments and your DME facility!! What you should know?

    Out-of-Pocket Payments and your DME facility!! What you should know?

    There are certain considerations when you are choosing health insurance is a plan’s out-of-pocket costs. These are the healthcare expenses that you pay yourself, i.e. out of your own pocket. Out-of-pocket expenses are paid in addition to your monthly premium for health insurance. In order to minimize your healthcare costs, you need to look at your total annual spending for healthcare which includes not just your monthly premiums but also all the money you pay towards deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket expenses. As more and more Americans age in place, or remain living at home instead of moving into skilled nursing homes or assisted living residences, there has been an increased need for seniors to purchase durable medical equipment – DME.  Every year, approximately $50 Billion is spent on durable medical equipment in America, wherein 25% percent of which is paid for directly out-of-the-pocket of consumers. It is important to find other financial assistance programs and minimize their out-of-pocket spending on DME. Before we go with the discussion, it is important to know what we consider as DME Durable Medical Equipment (DME) as well as the terms, Home Medical Equipment (HME) and home healthcare equipment are used interchangeably. They…

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