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    New CMS Proposals Streamline Medicare Coverage for Innovative and New Diabetes Devices

    Lately, CMS has proposed new changes to Medicare Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotic Devices and Supplies (DMEPOS) coverage, and payment policies. These proposed new changes will streamline Medicare coverage for innovative and new diabetes devices and this brief will help you to understand “How”. The proposed rule for innovative and new diabetes devices New CMS proposals help innovators to understand a more predictable path about the kinds of products that Medicare will pay for. For example – As per the agency, new changes that could expand Medicare coverage for continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps. However, the current CMS rule only covers therapeutic CGMs or FDA approved for use in making diabetes treatment decisions, such as based on only CGM readings one’s diet or insulin dosage can be changed. New CMS Proposals have expanded the interpretation regarding the appropriate use of external infusion pumps for use in the home and can be covered as DME under Medicare Part B. You will also find the main driver behind the proposed rule is to increase access to drug infusion therapy services in the home including insulin pumps as well as reduce administrative burdens. These administrative burdens mainly occur due to complicated government…

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