Your Guide to Medicare’s Durable Medical Equipment

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    How to Make Medicare Pay for Durable Medical equipment's?

    How to Make Medicare Pay for Durable Medical equipment’s?

    Medicare helps pay for specific medical equipment that you may need for your medical practice. However, Medicare rules for coverage are strict and can be confusing. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) widely known as DME is reusable medical equipment, such as walkers, wheelchairs, or crutches. If you have Medicare Part B, Medicare covers certain medically necessary durable medical equipment if your treating practitioner or physician prescribes it for you to use in your home. To be covered, the prescribed medical equipment must be: Used for a medical purpose. Not typically useful if you aren’t sick or hurt Used in your home If you are currently residing in a hospital or nursing home that is providing you with Medicare-covered care, these facilities don’t qualify as your “home.” However, a long-term care facility does qualify as your home. If you are staying in a skilled nursing facility and the facility provides you with durable medical equipment, the nursing facility is responsible for the durable medical equipment. Where to get Durable Medical Equipment? If you are enrolled with Original Medicare, you’ll need to get your durable medical equipment from the supplier which is too enrolled in the Medicare program, or Medicare won’t pay for…

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